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At the bottom of this calculation is a section "Orders earning bonus points" where tracked orders get bonus points. Although I send a few Collect+ tracked items, NONE of them register on this calculation.

I like to think I am not bothered about that widget, as it seems unrelated to happy customers or my income but, having it telling me I am bad all the time is annoying. Doubly so when it does not even add in the few +0.1 bits for good tracking.

The purpose of managing people is (normally) to encourage production.
Don't know what that widget is all about.

I have sent quite a few books via Collect Plus recently but only the ones where I actually bought the service via Amazon earned the extra points.

I'm still yet to use Collect+ but believe as Shaz says that only if purchased on site does it count in your metrics, perhaps because there is a pecuniary advantage for Amazon.

But all my signed for post seems to although it does take some time for the system to update with the more recent ones. What I don't understand is how they know if the item has been delivered in the required time. What happens if it has to be collected from the depot as nobody can sign for it? Does that count as lat delivery?

And on a moral point of view, what right has anybody other than my customer or myself a right to know if an item has been delivered? Too "Big Brotherish" for me!



We send all of our parcels with Parcelforce, which is a tracked service.

The blurb states 'Orders without problems that have valid tracking AND were delivered within three working days AND meet the minimum promised arrival date AND no refund or concession.'

99% of our parcels fit this description but we don't get any 'bonus' for this. I assume this is because we use Parcelforce and not the favoured Collect+??

I use C+ via Amazon as well as SD, and they are all showing in the bonus points section, except the most recent ones.

Do you actually input the Tracking ID for each order?

XJR wrote:
Do you actually input the Tracking ID for each order?

It can take up to a month to show.

Our Royal Mail special delivery ones show up in bonuses eventually.

Is it obvious when they finally show? Or are the figures in an obscure place?
I assume I'm looking in the right place but perhaps not!

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From the "Performance" tab on your Home Page, go down to Seller Rating. It is displayed at the bottom on the left hand column. This is of course dependent on you having sufficient sales to justify it. Not all accounts have this yet.



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Oh that's a shame I was looking in the right place!!
0 in the orders column :-(

Thanks for confirming though :-)

Well its obvious when we are doing a dozen special delivery to amazon's tracked deliveries, suddenly shot up the bonus score in December and January. So a few weeks delay it looks like for the royal mail ones.

Mine too

I'm surprised anyone can afford to do Special Delivery or tracking. With £2.36 compo for the postage element and 2nd class postage costing £2.30 under 750gms any extra costs seriously eats into the profit.

Has anyone ever worked out why Amazon keeps 44p of the postage cost (apart from skimming profit)? If they were worried that 1p sellers would proliferate they could demand, like their subsidiary ABE, a minimum selling price for Marketplace Sellers of 66p ($1).