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Suspicious Activity and Feedback on our selling Account

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We had 8 orders for our lowest value items within 30 minutes on 28th April; these orders have between 3 minutes 4-minute intervals. This in it’s self is quite unusual as we sell very few of these type of items. We sell on average about 70 items a week and have an average sale price between £30 and £50, so to receive 8 sales of an average of approx. £5.00 each ( within 30 minutes is certainly out of the ordinary). However these where mainly from different customers so we dispatch all items the next day.

We have since received a feedback score of 1 on all these cases (no 2's all 1's!) 2 on 2nd May and 4 on 4th May with the exception of one of the customers who purchase 2 items but I guess it’s just a matter of time before they leave a negative score. Reasons stated are either item has not been received or they have received the wrong item. This all within 6 days of receiving the orders. None of these customers have even given us an opportunity to resolve the issue before leaving feedback again quite unusual. Tried to contact them but surprise, surprise no response. We are also sure that the customers who suggest they have received the wrong item are incorrect as my partner and I hold these items in separate locations so this would require us both to make an identical error on the same day.

Feedback has taken a nose dive, anyone come across this before and what did you do to resolve


I think you need to contact seller support with your concerns.

It is all too easy to be paranoid about feedback but this looks as it has been solely done to discredit you as a seller.

I would contact all buyers with the same email, doing all the things such as request return for refund etc, so that Amazon can see you have followed procedure.

I wish you luck


Depending on what you are selling it can be very common. Don't expect any help from amazon - though, if your fraudster does it well enough, you might end up with a shut account and your funds withheld for 90 days.
That was a look at the downside...but it is often possible to convince these fraudsters to stop their actions, what you need to do is figure out who it is and where their vulnerability lies, the rest is easy.
Finding out who it is is the difficult part because you need to get it right. You have the address, try to play a bit Sherlock Holmes. The most common mistake these idiots do is order using an alternate account but having the goods shipped to their home address. Another indication someone may be up to no good is if someone started an extreme pricefight with you. Like you list something and within 24 hours the other seller lists it, too...look for the unusual, most fraudsters have not much brain, that's why they need to resort to this sort of things as they can't win using fair play.
Another indication of this being foul play is the time it's left: a bank holiday weekend will ensure maximum presence of the rating even if amazon would remove it.

In addition to the great advice already received, I would do a spot of Internet detective work... namely googling the different buyers and looking for a link. For example - the wonders of social media (namely FB and LinkedIn) can often throw up very revealing information.... such as friendships, families or coworkers.... You see where I'm heading?!


Is there any pattern in areas for addresses? names? ANYTHING what so ever that could link any 2 of them??

I know you do not want to hear it? but is there any possibilty at all, that they have not received the items? We have had an issue this week with all items sent 1st class (all 4, as everything goes 2nd) appears not to have arrived.......

This looks like one of your competitors has been busy, you can suggest Amazon have a look at the situation but without some evidence unlikely they will remove the fb.

The problem is unless the orders are from the same area as a competitor then difficult to prove.

Did the OP say they used collect+?

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Even WITH evidence amazon would not care unless you bother at least the MD. Feedback left in a fraudulent manner does not fall under amazons removal policy.
Sometimes I think we should sabotage amazons feedback system until they are prepared to introduce fair play by simply dishing out '1 star ratings' to everybody everytime we make a purchase.

Here's an example of the last time I was victim of a foul purchase intended to destroy my feedback, as with your items, they were all extremely low priced. It was also clear that the 'buyer' went through my inventory, page by page, until he found goods that were suitably cheap.

An idiotic idea you can do on your own.

Martin, don't wanna upset you, but the advise was actually going to someone I considered bright enough not to need the comment marked as 'ironic' with a big fat marker pen!

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If you've been using marker pen on your screen you may want to learn how the internet works. Like it not showing up on someone elses screen.

Nice one!

Thanks have raised this been sent to Customer Service to review the case but I am not too hopeful of a good results.

Now I am not a paranoid they are all out to get me!!

Only kidding unfortunately they are various address across the country and no connection with the names, I have plotted the timings for both feedback and purchases and it really is not very likely these are not connected. Plus a number have exactly the same method to request a return.