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Help please on international selling issue

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Could I please have some help on this as i'm a bit confused. (Just to say I've been an amazon.co.uk seller for years but have never been on amazon europe before prior to this)

A buyer emailed me through amazon.co.uk (I have not signed up for amazon europe and had not heard of it prior to this; my amazon.co.uk account does not allow international buyers) and queried about the item I was selling (a sony ericsson mobile phone.) The buyer did not say they were outside of the UK and I didn't know until I received an email with the shipping address.

They have paid for the item (I don't know how) and I received emails from amazon.co.uk and another from amazon europe, and the buyer has paid 70.00 in shipping (I didn't set this price on my original item). The item has not appeared as sold in my amazon.co.uk account, and I am a little wary of posting to the buyers country as there is no guaranteeing it will all run smoothly.

I'd like to cancel the order but how can I do that when I have no sold order appearing in my account and would like some advice on this please as I am afraid of this affecting my amazon.co.uk account, and I feel as though I have been ambushed in some respects. And I would also like to know how the buyer managed to buy the item when I have not signed up for amazon europe and have not listed any of my items on my co.uk account allowing international shipping.

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I also seem to be registered now for amazon europe, judging by the 'date registered' next to my name?? I have no knowledge of doing this.

Its a scam.
You will always have any order showing on your order screen.
While orders show on email too the email never shows the buyers address, for that you MUST go into the order screen.

No order in the order screen = no actual order.

I think (others can confirm) that amazon won't sell electronics overseas.

Do Not, repeat Do Not post this out.

Nothing to cancel, merely someone trying a scam on you with the phone.

Good thing you came on here and asked there are sellers who have been caught out in such scams.

It's a scam so please don't do anything about it and do not worry about it.

As you know, Amazon SDNs never include the delivery address - so that's the biggest clue that it's not bona fide, along with no orders showing in your control panel and you not even being enabled for europe selling.

Whatever you do, do not reply to it via your email account - as they (and other scammers) will continue to hound you.

Just delete this particular email and try to forget it - and be wary of any similar emails. Only rely on what your seller account shows you - confirmed orders and messages from buyers.


Thanks for the advice

The emails that came via amazon though stated that if fail to ship within 1-2 days my account will be deactivated and suspended??

A little wary of this... Or is this just part of the scam?

Should I report this then? The email address they gave me was a yahoo one.... :S

Yup, it's all part of the scam to suck you in and part with the goods
These kind of emails can look very realistic. If you right click on the email header and click "properties" and look on teh details tab, it will show the actual email address it came from - deffo not Amazon

Should I report this then? The email address they gave me was a yahoo one

So just to query those that sell on amazon europe, do you sell via the same system that you sell on amazon.co.uk? Do you just receive the sold dispatch now email when youve sold an item and no other email?

I emailed amazon customer services center about it and this is the reply:

We thank you so much for the fast reply that you email the buyer and we are also happy that you sell your Item on amazon.co.uk online marketplace.

We hereby inform you now that the payment made by ( buyers name was here ) into your account has been confirmed by amazon.co.uk but it is on hold until you have shipped the item and email us back with the shippment tracking number, so since you want to cancel the order but how can I do that , we hereby inform you that the payment can't be credited back into the buyer's account and we also can't refund the buyer back because the money has been already transfered into your account on ( Payment On Hold Pending ) which mean's, your account has accepted the money transfered but you do not have access to it until we confirm the full refund of ( £160.00 ) through www.Westernunion.co.uk or Western Union Money Transfer and you will email us back with the payment detail's or scan the copy of recepit giving to you.


However, we do hope that you have understand all what we have said and we expect you to email us back with the refund Information within the next 24-hours and we assure you that you will see your money in your account and have full access to it, we also want you to know that you should makesure you get the refund sent today and here is the name and address of where you will send the refund of ( £160.00 ).

Note: We are to pay you the Transfer fee as soon as you get back to us with the Transfer details

We shall also be waiting for your reply within 24hours.

Refund of £160.00 to:

buyers address was here

Get back to us in the same format:

Sender's Full Name And Address:
Receiver's Full Name:
Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN):
Your Phone Number:
Text Question And Answer:

We will like you to issue and there is no way we could get your payment to you until you refund your buyer and this issue has been sorted out with your buyer which we made her understand that you will issue the refund to him today.

You are expected to follow the amazon.co.uk marketplace instruction for a secured transaction and you should remember not to provide the transfer details to your buyer first, until you have your full fund into your seller's account.

Your payment will not be deposited into your seller's account until refund has been issued and confirmed to your buyer.

Wish you best of luck and have a nice day.
Thank you for selling with Amazon.
Amazon.co.uk Seller Support

(they sent me an exact same email with just a different name)

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This was the email address they sent to my account and i replied to it....guessing they just manipulated the email address to look like an amazon one?

Hi Marina

We only sell on Amazon UK not the other EU countries, but I would assume that Amazon's system for confirming orders is the same for all countries sold in - just the SDN email and no other.

I don't rely emails from amazon though - I regularly check my seller home pages for orders/messages etc


It's a scam - if the order doesn't show on your seller account, it does not exist. Don't reply to any of those e-mails - forward the e-mail to Amazon.

An e-mail from a genuine buyer will always go through Amazon, and you will be able to see it in your Messages page.

I would have a read through the help pages, and if you are concerned, call SS

Okay will do. Thanks for everyone's help.



So just to query those that sell on amazon europe, do you sell via the same system that you sell on amazon.co.uk?

Yes, our amazon.de orders come through like the uk orders, email and showing in order screen.

SCAM! I can't believe you haven't heard of this very well known scam if you've been selling for years. The email you received wasn't genuine, and would have contained a return email address which you had to type out yourself. Amazon blocks email addresses contained in their emails so there must have been a dot or a space or something in that one. Also, Amazon NEVER put a buyer's address in their emails.
Ignore this and be glad you didn't post it!

IT'S A SCAM!!! Of course your account won't be suspended.

Where did you get the link to Amazon Customer Services? In the dodgy email? Delete all the scam emails and contact customer services properly through your Seller Account.

I'm guessing the "buyer's" country is Nigeria, Amazon don't allow sales of electronics there.

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