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Original Price changed and not by me?

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I wonder if anyone has encountered this problem. I list all my items individually with a bottom price of £3.99 although most are £4.99 or higher. Twice recently an item has been bought for the price of £1.00. This has raised the following three points of concern for me. Firstly I don't ever sell something so cheaply, secondly all my prices end in either a 9 or 5 (that's pence) and finally the same person has bought the £1.00 items.
The buyer is a sourcer for Eastern Europe so probably makes it his work to trawl through people's listings but I find it hard to imagine that I have made the same mistake twice. I have noticed a Japanese company with terrible customer metrics because they had a numberof spurious £1.00 sales that they just cancelled.
Any ideas/help?

Do you use a repricer at all?

Also, an afterthought, if another seller is selling the item with a vastly inflated postage and you opt to "match price" that could be the reason?

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How odd, keep us posted on this one.

I don't use a repricer. I only everput the price up!

Hi there,

The only option I can provide you is to contact seller support with the ASINs and the SKUs in question to find out when the last update was made on the items, how the update was done and for how much. An order id may also be of help for reference.

I am sorry that I cannot provide further assistance to you but I do hope you find an answer to your question.



Sounds very odd. Did you accidentally click the "Match Price" button?


The next cheapest price is £17.00 more!

oops, that's one theory straight out of the window! sorry, it was the £1 which steered me that way.

Intruiging conundrum - and worrying, hope you get answer to this soon