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another seller has purchased items I have listed against?!

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Hi All,

I have listed against a couple of items today, yet this evening the original lister has purchased 2 items from the listings? Surely this is not allowed?! Why would they want to purchase them other than for malicious reasons??
This is allowed?

Buyers can buy from anyone on Amazon, even if that buyer is a seller. I'm a seller, but I also shop on Amazon. I'd be pretty hacked off if Amazon said I could not buy anything on Amazon or couldn't buy from certain sellers just because I have a seller account - that's madness!

Maybe the other seller wants to check the quality/exactness/delivery/packaging of what you're selling ... or maybe you're right. Maybe you'll only know when they give you feedback or make an AZ claim


You are off course free to refuse the transaction but Amazon would take a dim view of it and as you already know a cancelled order counts against you. You might even get a negative feedback from the buyer simply because you cancelled.

Many competitors check out their competition. I regularly buy from my competition (if I think I can make a profit) or I might have a need to buy stock which I had advertised but run out of.

It doesn't have to be malicious. But have you got anything to hide or worry about? If not then I would suggest you supply.



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I have nothing to hide what so ever, just surprised if Amazon actually allow this kind of thing?? Then again they allow a lot of things to go on that are not right! :-(

Why would/should Amazon bar someone with a seller account from shopping on Amazon? I'm sorry if I've missed your point, but I really really don't understand the thinking behind that


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Too true!


the point is, they have purchased an item they sell from me, yet have stock of. We are talking 10p difference, so it can't be for the profit?

I dont see any reason a seller would buy a product they already have in stock and sell, other than 'unsavory' reasons. I am expecting NEG- feedback as Amazon probably will allow that? yet if I then purchased from them and done the same, I would no doubt be banned!

I think you are viewing this purchase in the wrong way.

We all buy from Amazon and just because I now have a seller account doesn't mean I shouldn't or wouldn't buy from here. Obviously, when I buy I am interested in how other sellers pack and despatch their items, and maybe I can learn something. I certainly wouldn't leave poor feedback just because I am a competitor.

Make sure you pack your items and send them correctly, and you have nothing to worry about.

Competition is good - it makes us all better sellers.


Yes, if they neg you amazon will almost certainly do nothing against it - happened to me numerous times. Though credit where credit is due, I do recall 2 occassions where amazon removed the feedback.

We have purchased from competitors in order to see how they do their packing etc. Buying the same item we are selling means we know the price. :)
Will use a different account however and would take a very sharp seller to figure out the buyer is this particular competitor.
Never for the purpose of bad feedback. Did learn to change the box size on one item last year that way, saved a couple hundred pounds.

Unlikely the 'buyer' plans on negging the cow, I've had only one seller dumb enough to use his own seller account for foul play. Only idiots serve the evidence of foul play on a silver platter.

This morning I purchased from World of Books a copy of a book I also have listed for sale. Nothing malicious about it, just an arbitrage opportunity to re-list at a significantly higher price.

Which, of course, is a bit different from your situation. I expect it is either that:

a) a competitor wishes to check your product to see if it exactly matches the product details on the listing. Which could then lead to one of these claims of IP infringement that seem to be cropping up with increasing regularity.

b) your competitor has temporarily run out of stock of that item, and needs to buy from you to fulfil orders. In which case, I doubt there will be anything malicious about it.

As Gerald has said, if they have bought using their seller account, they are unlikely to leave adverse feedback. Amazon take a dim view of sellers trying to sabotage the competition, if there is evidence of them doing so.


An order is an order - as the other posters have said, ship as normal and take the money!

I also buy from other sellers on Amazon to re-list again, and also have other sellers buy from me (eg. Paper Cavalier) - that's the way it works!