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why are somes banned on amazon

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i have some books but when i try to list them it is saying that they are suppressed for amazon

New Zealand Novels (Study Guide): The Quiet Earth
ASIN: 115654761X
EAN: 9781156547618
Binding: Paperback

That ISBN does not appear to be in Amazon's catalogue - yet. You will need to create a listing for it.

Not sure on specifics but an email via seller support under the heading "problem creating listings" with the details below will elicit a response from AMZ - sometimes it's a glitch, sometimes an error and sometimes there's a legitimate reason.

it didn't show when i went to add a product but when you create a new product and put the isbn number in it then comes up with a match then says item is suppressed

i have just sent seller support the question they are wikipedia books wondered if it was due to recent events

they are wikipedia books wondered if it was due to recent events

If by that you mean they are books that contain information freely available on Wikipedia that somebody has downloaded and put between covers, Amazon don't allow the sale of this type of book. Although they are usually not very good at spotting them, and there are plenty of listings of this type of thing.


hi paul

do they seem to sell or is it a case of me just off loading them to get them out the way do you think

As I say, it depends exactly what type of book they are. There may be some proper books published by Wikipedia. If there is an Amazon sales ranking it will give you some idea of whether they sell or not. But there are also "books" that consist of articles downloaded from Wikipedia, cut+pasted, printed, then put between covers. The information in them is publicly available free of charge. Somebody who buys such a book might justifiably be annoyed when they find what they have bought, and could well leave adverse feedback for the seller. What you need to decide is whether the money you might get is worth the risk.


Selling wikipedia articles is not something most people here will want to assist you with.

If you go ahead you might find your listings are reported and your account in danger of being closed down.

Is it worth the risk?

ebay job it is then thanks for your help everyone its nice to listen to logic xx