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Seller holdback?

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Hi, been selling on Amazon for about 6 months now, everything is great. Just tweaking my profit/loss calculator in Excel and noticed it's 6p out.

Looking through my recent sales I've noticed my "seller holdback" is £0.06 higher than it should be. Selling video games so it should be £0.29 but it is going through on each of my transactions as £0.35 instead? This is based on info from:
Or am I just using the wrong fee's page?

Any reason for this? Did a quick search and din't come up with anything.

I sell CDs, but occasionally a music CD gets put in as a DVD because it has video content. Funnily enough the charge difference is 6p if I remember correctly. So if what you sold was a DVD in the CD category, that might be the reason.



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Is it possible that this is the vat inclusive figure?

Shouldn't be as fees are inclusive of VAT?

I've registered my vat number with amazon so that my fees are vat exclusive, but I understand that if either you are not vat registered, or have not provided your vat registration details, that fees then include vat.

Called Seller Support, advised it was 17.25% for business sellers on total amount and to disregard the £0.29 (as this is for individuals).