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Amazon Purchase Process is Pants

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Customers do NOT see the product details listed by a seller, but a mish mash of data they hold from every seller ever to offer that ASIN. I have written a few times in other threads that this needs fixing, if Amazon is to act in a customer centric mode.

The current purchase process irritates the s**t out of me and today another customer is unhappy.

Buyer purchases 2 items
Buyer receives 2 items
Buyer writes email that when purchase was made a "Buy 2 get 1 Free" offer existed, please send third item.
Inspection of the listing today shows in Product Features those exact words.

Phone call to AMZ SS was infuriating, although the lady taking my call was extremely good at her job, apologetic and tried to help.

The outcome, effectively, was not to offer any compensation, no refund or third product, just to explain the site error and wait to see if the buyer becomes even more unhappy.

Unfortunately for the buyer, I did this. I had wanted to offer refund or replacement, but AMZ SS advice is "not to encourage this" and of course they refused out right to confirm my account would be credited if I actioned a refund.

How customer unfriendly is that ?

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I'm increasingly losing my faith in AMZ's support and belief in the issues we raise as sellers.

We have this a lot as well and are more often than not losing out in order to try and keep that all important "customer experience" at a high ebb.

That is awful. Presumably some other seller has added this to their listing, but stupidly put it so it looks like everyone has the same offer.
It is amazing that a material change like that can be incorporated into a listing when a simple correction from unknown binding to paperback or whatever, so often gets thrown out.
In a way Amazon has got so big now that more and more of these sort of errors are proliferating to the exclusion of correct listings and unfortunately, according to seller help, the onus is on us to ensure all our listings remain accurate at all times which as we all know is virtually impossible (and usually only picked up if someone orders a product that has been changed since it was originally listed).

I wish you the best of luck trying to explain that to a customer.

It is the Amazon catalogue, yet they take no responsibility for it! A seller would have more control putting a card in the newsagent's window.

Good luck


I recently checked an ASIN merge notice I had received - & saw that they had merged my Book Club edition with a standard trade edition. If they can't get even those basics right no wonder the catalogue is in such a dire mess.
Given them their due, they did de-merge when I complained, but it shoouldn't have been necessary.

If it's in the catalogue listing, the only thing you can really do is explain as politely as you can that this is an issue they need to take up with Amazon as it's not an offer made by you.

Good luck!

I had to notify seller support of a dozen changes last month on merged listings, same manufacturer of the merged items I guess but very different products. Really hard to send a dog bowl thats a blanket and harness.

i got a real good seller, problem is that amazons picture shows two boxsets, the product description states as a promotion for a limited time the second set will be included as well. Asked them till I got tired of it to change the details, I've now given up after realizing that dealing with returns and/or emailing buyers asking if they understand it's one boxset only as per my seller comments is less work then getting amazon to correct the listing.