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Product Page Not Uploaded

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Yesterday evening I amended an 'existing' but extinct product page listing my talking book at the same time, i had the usual on screen confirmation that it could take upto 15 mins to appear but so far hasn't appeared, i don't want to upload it again in case i end up with two listings but do you think it has just vanished into that ether or will it appear eventually?

If it shows in your active inventory then I'm sure that it will update eventually.

I notified of an incorrect photo, both to Amazon and the seller who had altered it (with a photo showing the EAN so definitely in the wrong listing) and a week down the road am still waiting.

I think it is probably a TAZGL or SNAFU.



At the back of my mind though, on another thread, somebody mentioned that lots of VHS Tapes (and possibly talking books) seemed to have been hidden. Searchable only with EAN if I remember rightly.

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Nick, no it hasn't shown up in my listings, it's just vanished as though I didn't list it in the first place after me doing the whole thing including product description.

Then email Seller Support with the ASIn and EAN and tell them it has failed to update. It has happened to me before and they will put it on for you at a ridiculous price. Give them a quality as well otherwise it will be listed as new.

If you need to do anything to the listing once it has been done, simply edit it. Do not do as I did, look at the "New" and cancel the listing, only to find that it still wouldn't accept a listing from me.



Thanks, will do, it is actually new - well it's still factory sealed but dates back to 1982 I think.

............. and that's a whole new thread!



P.S. Might take a while. Mine went on at £1000.00, which was the only reason I noticed it as they didn't confirm it had been done.