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New Account Suspended in January Just received All Held Funds

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My account was suspended back in January shortly after I sold my first few items, no information was provided other than saying that I failed the review.

Naturally, I contacted customer support numerous times but they could not see why I failed the review and told me to send an email via the contact support. I never got any responses from Amazon for the 10 or so cases that I raised just to get them to respond.

Anyway, I decided to just wait until I got the little money I earn't from the few items I managed to sell - no complaints at all from buyers so got all the money the other day (3 months wait). So I contacted amazon again and this time customer service said I needed to provide information on how long I had been in business etc. which is on the help pages about account review. I wish they friggin told me about this in their standardized account suspension email.

Now, its been a few days now and still no response. What can I do? Anyone else been in this situation? Any help would be much appreciated.


Did you sell a lot of products very quickly that were of high or relatively high value and receive little or no feedback?

There is no secret remedy for this I'm afraid, as AMZ do not advise what the issues with an account are, apart from the vague, failed a review comment.

All you can do is respond to their emails confirming individually what you have done in regard to the points they advise need addressing.

Continually email and phone until you are successful or have booked your bed in the local psych ward.

Newly opened account and sold about 8 items in about 3 days then got suspended. Don't see why that kind of volume would be an issue though.

I feel as if the account department hides behind emails only. So frustrating.

What i would like to know is if one of you guys sent a message to customer support do they reply always or is this just a problem for suspended accounts?

Emails are a very convenient way of ducking issues and as many seem to be auto-generated then there is frequently insufficient information that can be answered.

I would suggest talking to a human (you will eventually find one that can comprehend) is the better route to take.

And don't be put off by an email that says we consider this matter closed and no further communications will be answered. That is an auto-generated mail as well.



Were those 8 items low value or high?

Also I wonder how many items were listed originally, I know that I didn't sell anything in the first week or so but then I only listed about 39 books but they were all rare with a high demand. So it might be that the OP only has a small, high priced fast selling inventory that was priced low in comparison to other sellers.

Thanks for all your tips everyone.

Yes you are correct I had items under £10 selling cheaper than others. Do amazon not like competition?

Quite the contrary. Amazon seem perfectly happy for sellers to cut each other's throats competitively. It suits their purpose in fact as the want customers to believe that their site should be the first port of call for bargain hunters.

In fact one or their requirements is that items that a seller sells on Amazon should not be offered cheaper by the same seller elsewhere.

Probably in your case, although not of great value, a number of orders from limited listings in a short space of time would have alerted the robots that until feedback justified them, there might be a problem.

You plain dun too good!