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FBA Fees Structure

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I've listed 5 products and each product has different FBA fees structure. What surprises me is that the product I expected to have the least fees has the highest rate. For example, an item that has a weight of 10oz and length is about 7.5 cm is being charged around 5.51 at a price of 9.95 while an item that weighs only .2oz but has a dimension of 12"x12" is being charged 8.41 at a price of 9.95. Why such difference? How is Amazon determining these fees? Is it by weight, dimensions, or just as you list more products, the fees increase. Any clarifications would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I'm wondering the same thing here...

I have two products both 2 x 2 x 2 inches, different listings, same price same category.

Both weight about 3 oz, yet one gets charged $2 for shipping while the other getting charged .50 cents for shipping.