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I have just shipped some books to amazon Joliet iL now it says inactive out of stock does that mean it sold already or amazon have lost it View the reply stephen john selected as correct

Hi there, stephen john.

Thanks for posting your concern here in Seller Forums.

I've reviewed your inventory listings and I see that you do have a couple listings still appearing as 'inactive out of stock'. This will happen when the inventory units are either sold, reserved, or lost in warehouse. In this particular case, it appears that the inventory units in question are in 'reserved' status while they are being transshipped between fulfillment centers.

An excellent way to see what is causing the reserved status of your inventory units is by using the Reserved Inventory Report. I've generated a report for you, which can be viewed at:

Reports > Fulfillment > Reserved Inventory

This report will give you a breakdown of reserved units, including a column for FC Transfers.

Once again, thank you for posting. I do apologize for the confusion, but I'm glad you reached out to us here for clarification. I hope this information helps you out, but please feel free to reach out to me with any other questions you might have.