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Website requirements for amazon brand registry

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Hello Everyone,
I want to apply for amazon brand registry for my own manufactured products. Currently I have 2 products only. I found that an website is required for brand registry. Is it mandatory to have shopping cart (buy it now option to place an order) on my website?
Your expert suggestion will be helpful for me.
Thanks in advance.


Thread: website requirements for amazon brand registry



Yes, at first I opened that thread but no response found. So, I have opened this thread again under different category.

Hi there, kidsheaven.

Thanks for bringing your question here to Seller Forums.

As a part of the Brand Registry process, Amazon requires that your product be branded and actively available for purchase directly via your fully functional website (including shopping cart function). Amazon requires an active website to validate your brand's eligibility for the Amazon Brand Registry, as additional means of verifying brand ownership as well as product verification.

I appreciate you reaching out to us here in Seller Forums for clarification and I hope this information helps you out. Please do feel free to continue to use the forums as a resource for answers to your questions.


Yes, but.

This is not an FBA question, and doesn't belong here. I'm surprised that Scotty didn't point that out to you, and lock the thread to prevent any more interaction.


Why are the requirements not better detailed on the "Amazon Brand Registry: Eligibility and Application Process" page?