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products cannot be shipped to California address

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About one month ago, some customers in California told me that they can not buy our X-Sense products which maily include smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. I have contacted amazon again and again, but nothing. Attachment is the screenshot about the error when Californian purchase our products.

I am looking for some comments for above issue, and wondering if someone knows more about this.

Thanks first.
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The issue was covered in depth.


Hi Funky,

Thank you for your help. I browsed the link as you show me. But it seems there isn't an exact solution. Besides, we are the exclusively agent for our products on Amazon. Cold you give me some more information about this.

Thnak you.


You're welcome.

The problem "boils" down to the compounds used in the manufacturing process. I sell toys and am unable to assist you any further.

Oneida Books provided much of the details supplied in the referenced Thread, and is a forum expert. If you send him a Personal Message (PM), I'm sure he'll be able to help you.

Oneida Books (UserID 3980)

Best wishes to you...