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How the FBA is working ?

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How the FBA is working ?
I send the packages from me to Amazon FBA, then what I need else to do ?
What about packages, labels,returns?

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Best place to start your homework is in Seller Help:


I was there, but I have few questions:
1. I send the product to amazon fba, they packed it ?
2. they wrote the label for shipping?
3. if the product didn't sold for 6 months, I pay fee for these months?


H&M Express wrote:
1. I send the product to amazon fba, they packed it ?

They take money for it ?


Try googling in your native language so you can understand. It's complicated and you need to be able to read a lot of stuff.

Search "amazon fba for beginners" or "is amazon fba good for my business?"

You should do like everyone else, send a few items to FBA, if they sell, great, if not it won't cost much to learn the process, amazon handles returns, and if you want them to label it it will cost you per unit about 50 cents i think, the storage fee is not much and is based on the size of the unit. Send $100 in products, if they don't sell you would have at least learned the process. That would be a good investment.