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Says "Once Available"

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I have an item up on FBA that shows 1 in stock (Not FC transfer etc) but the offer states:

$45.00 FREE Prime Shipping once available Details: This item is eligible for free Prime shipping but requires additional processing time.

What does that mean if the item is not reserved by FC Transfer, FC Processing or Customer orders?


I'm not seeing that at all. See screenshot.

I was allowed to put one in my shopping cart. But, when I went to checkout, I was told:

Standard Shipping (4-5 business days)

Amazon is making a lot of changes to Catalog pages today, so you may want to report THEIR problem to Seller Support, or wait it out. By the time you get any help with things like this, the problems generally fix themselves.


Thanks for the reply Funky!

It has indeed changed since I posted, all appears right with the world now :}

You're welcome, glad to hear it.

Best wishes...