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Should I upgrade to a Seller account?

Amazon Seller Topics
Do I have to upgrade to a seller account to sell DVDs and a bunch of other items that pop up as restricted for me (I'm a very New FBA seller)? And/or do I have to apply for those categories? Thank you. View the reply Lizi Garcia selected as correct

You have to apply for many categories on Amazon (including DVDs, Health & Beauty, Grocery, Clothing, Jewelry, and more) and most of those categories require that you be a professional seller (pay the $39.99/month). But there is more to it than just being a professional seller. You have to show invoices from the manufacturer(s) or the authorized distributors from whom you are purchasing the items for resale (receipts from Wal-Mart won't work).

It sounds to me like you need to do a lot more reading about how Amazon works.

Categories and Products Requiring Approval

If you are approved to sell in these categories, you will need to upgrade to a Professional plan, with a monthly subscription fee of USD$ 39.99.