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XSellco High5


High5 is the only feedback solicitation tool that gets you more reviews on Amazon, eBay and Trustpilot

Add unlimited Amazon, eBay and Trustpilot marketplaces to High5 at no extra cost.
Manage feedback requests for multiple channels with XSellco High5.

Turn reviews into revenue
High5 helps sellers proactively encourage more positive feedback, gaining improved seller metrics and social proof ratings, resulting in faster sales growth and higher revenues.
Get more postitive feedback on sales
Smart and selective requests
Request feedback on the right products, from the right customers, at the right time. Selectively tailor feedback requests by SKU, product type, on-time delivery, destination, and much more.
Customize feedback requests
Generate reviews while you sleep
Automate your feedback requests with High5. Let XSellco take care of the rest. High5 is the only feedback solicitation tool that will allow you to communicate with the same messages to customers whether they purchase from you through your Amazon, eBay or webstore.
Automate feedback requests
Increase feedback potential
Set High5 to deliver your messages at a time of day when buyers are more likely to read and act on your feedback request.

With reputation comes reward

Automate your Feedback Requests
Get reviews while you sleep. Automate your feedback requests on your Amazon, eBay and webstore channels. Improve your reputation and sell more.
Get feedback requests on all your channels
MultiChannel Feedback Tool
Manage feedback for all your sales channels with one XSellco High5 account.
Integrate Trustpilot and get more feedback
Trustpilot - new!
Increase your organic traffic to your store with Google Seller Ratings on your search results. XSellco High5 integrates with Trustpilot to help you sell more.
Fully Amazon and eBay compliant
Fully Compliant
As official developer partners with Amazon and eBay, XSellco High5 complies with all marketplace feedback policies.
Intelligent targeting
Target Products that will get you the best feedback and positive reviews
Get high feedback ratings by targeting products that score well. Exclude SKUs that have a poor feedback record.
Blacklist customers who have a history of negative feedback
Blacklist customers who have a history of negative feedback.
Only send feedback requests to orders that are on time
Delivery Time
Reduce negative feedback by only sending feedback requests for on-time deliveries.
Integrate fully with XSellco Fusion eCommerce Help Desk
Fusion Integration
Seamlessly integrates with XSellco Fusion. Ensures you don’t send feedback requests when your customer has raised a support ticket.
Target your Feedback Requests intelligently
Intelligent Targeting
Ask for feedback in a smarter, more selective way. XSellco High5 helps you target the right customers, and the right products, at the right time.
Set when to deliver feedback requests to maximize positive feedback
Control when your feedback requests  are delivered. How long after order dispatch and the time of day are up to you.
Tailor your feedback requests to suit your business and industry
Customize Emails
Tailor your email messages to suit your business – templates, subject line, language, formatting. Make it work for you.
Personalize your feedback requests to improve their success
Improve your response rates by personalizing your requests with SmartTags for customer, product and order information.
A B Test your Feedback Requests to always be improving your results
A/B Testing
Refine your feedback strategy by testing email content. Run simple A/B tests that improve your results.
Enhance your Feedback Requests with follow up messages
Follow Up
Enhance your customer’s experience with follow up emails that provide valuable information at the right time.
Add Attachments to your feedback requests to provide added value and after sale followup
Go the extra mile by attaching helpful documents such as user manuals in your feedback requests.
Reward returning customers with a more personalized experience
Returning Customers
Reward your returning customers with a personal touch. Tailor automated messages that thank them for their loyalty.
Measure the performance of review requests you send out
Measure Performance
Monitor your response rates over time, and measure the impact your feedback strategy is having.
Aim for 5 star reviews
Star Scores
Pursue perfect seller metrics. See all your feedback scores at a glance.
See the trend of your request ratings over time
Positive Ratings
See the trends in your positive feedback scores.
React quickly to recent feedback
Recent Feedback
React quickly to negative feedback. Your most recent negative reviews are displayed in your dashboard.