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ZonMaster Feedback and Review Management Tool


More Reviews. More Sales

ZonMaster is the leading feedback and review management tool for Amazon sellers. Trigger emails based on sale, ship or delivery date.

Automated Responses To Your Customers
Great customer relations is a proven way to get better reviews. ZonMaster works 24/7 to contact your customers, so you can focus on your business.
Get Collecting More Feedback, Reviews, Rankings, And Sales With Our Industry-Leading Customer Contact Manager
Review Matching
See who is leaving you reviews and for what orders. Get full customer and order information about all verified reviews.
Stop sending emails to people who've reviewed!
 Advance Scheduling
Schedule your e-mails with flexible criteria up to 120 days after product delivery.
 Powerful Template Design
With our flexible e-mail template creator even a single template can power your entire review process.
 MFN Package Tracking
Not using FBA? No problem. We can still track your packages for delivery-based triggers.
 Virtual Assistant Accounts
Unlimited Reduced permissions logins for those who are helping you out.
ZonMaster Dashboard
 Order Timeline
See everything about an order - displayed visually
 Pre-Made Starter Templates
A growing number of starter packs to get you up and running in minutes.
 Flexible Customization
Customize your templates, allowing your e-mails to be specific to every customer's order.
 International Support
Cover North America (USA, CA, MX), Europe and India with a single ZonMaster account. (1 Amazon store per region, per ZonMaster account)
 Multiple Triggering Options
15 possible triggers, including on review and seller feedback
Need to give your users a product manual? Or some bonus content? ZonMaster can send out email attachments with any template.
How It Works
1. Schedule Emails
Using our easy point and click interface choose when you want your emails to go out, and who should get them.
Send 1 Day After Shipped To Orders Placed After August 24, 2016 11:33. Keep sending, regardless of reviews, for purchases on Amazon.co.uk
2. Sit Back
With our sophisticated reporting, know exactly which emails are going out and how they are performing. We show you open rates, review generation rates and more!
3. Get Reviews
Our reports show you not only how many, and what kind, of reviews you get. They also show you WHO gave the reivew. We match reviews to customers and orders.
Using ZonMaster allows you to actually get more reviews, more feedback, more sales... all while doing less.
"Zon Master was incredible easy to setup and works as beautiful as it looks. "
James F, Culver City, CA
"It's more affordable and works just as well, if not better, than the competition. It's a no brainer!"
Adam J, Grand Rapids, MI
"Backdate feature worked like a charm. I just signed up about 20 min ago and I'm already sending out e-mails. Couldn't be happier."
Cary W, Austin, TX