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Zonguru has the tools you need to optimize your Amazon
business for sales, profits and customers. All from one platform,
with one login and one monthly cost!



Track monthly sales data for any Amazon product.
Your success depends on choosing products with high demand and top profit margins. And we don’t guess!
The sales intelligence we share with you is pulled from fresh, real data taken directly from Amazon’s API.

Email Automator
Build and nurture relationships with your customers, automatically.
Better connectedness means better engagement, and we help streamline that. Strategically automated email responses can really help to boost reviews and feedback, build a loyal fanbase and stay ahead of issues.

eBay Connect
Leverage the second biggest online marketplace with just a few clicks.
Our tool automates the entire process of pushing your Amazon listings onto eBay. Your sales are fulfilled through your Seller Central FBA account so your only concern is staying stocked up.
Best Seller Tracking
Get accurate daily insight into how your products are performing.
Your Best Seller Ranking (BSR) changes every day, within your top-line and sub-categories. Our tool tracks your performance based on any changes you make to your listing, or that Amazon makes to their algorithm.
Keyword Tracker
Monitor the performance of your keywords.
Use our Keyword Tracker to easily monitor where your products rank for important keywords. Amazon's search engine is a gold mine of potential customers; all they have to do is find you!
This tool removes the need for manual keyword checking, allowing you to optimize your listings and grow sales.
Keyword Listing Optimizer
Boost sales by improving your listing visibility.
It’s important that your listings are optimized with the right keywords. We help you instantly analyze your visibility for all key search terms, making sure you’re seen!
Review Monitor
Get instant review notifications.
Bad reviews affect sales, it’s that simple. We’ll keep an eye on it for you. Get an instant notification whenever a review of a certain star is posted, so you can immediately reach out and resolve the issue.

What customers are saying
I started using ZonGuru as a complete newbie in the Amazon marketplace and began by using SaleSpy for product research and to familiarize myself with the ecommerce space. After a few weeks of carefully tracking products I finally found a niche category that I was ready to plunge into. Without this tool I would not have been able to do so with nearly the same confidence. A few months later I am thrilled to say that my business is up and running and I am turning a profit! Tools like Email Automator and Review Monitor always keep me in the loop and allow my business to work for itself. The tools that ZonGuru have to offer are clearly invaluable.
Judah Kizer
Certified Amazon Seller