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With ASINspector PRO, You'll Be Able To:
Know Best Seller Ranks
Quickly discover the bestselling products and decide if there’s room for competition. This tool helps you find these hidden gems…
Category / Nodes
Instantly know every category/ node a particular item is listed in. This software makes it very easy assisting/ researching your listing and gives you intel on what nodes you should be focusing on…
Source Products Quickly
Easily source the cost and availability of products on AliExpress, Alibaba and eBay to see if it’s worthwhile competing in that niche…
Revenue Estimator
Instantly discover the estimated monthly sales volume for every product to see if it’s worth competing with on your eCom site or selling platform…
Instantly Know Ratings
Access to the product review statistics, including number of reviews and the average star rating are neatly displayed…
Product Pricing
See what the same product is selling for on 3rd party websites such as Walmart or eBay to get a better idea of market pricing…
Store And Save
Have a favorite search you like to run? Simply store and save your favorite searches easily so you can find them again easily…
Spy On The Competition
Fire up our Keyword search and you’ll quickly know the exact product keywords that your competitors are using to rank for their product…
Mobile Scan
Simply pull out your phone and scan any item, anywhere ,from any store on your Apple IOS or Android device…
Effortlessly filter any category and or column and drill down to find exactly the parameters you are looking for…
Brainstorm And Discover
Not sure what to search? Simply click our “magic light bulb” and let ASINspector Pro find keywords, products and niches for you…
ASIN Import
Quickly upload and unlimited amount of ASIN’s at once, then let ASIN Pro research them all for you (with filters as well)…
Reverse Search
Easily reverse search sites like WalMart, eBay (and more) and have ASINspector Pro pull the results…
Related Keywords
Easily create lists of other related keywords for any product using Google and Google Trends…

Does this work for Amazon stores other than the US?
Yes. It currently works in multiple countries. USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, India and more! Our software instantly calculates the currency of the platform you are searching on without any adjustments.
I sell mostly on EBay. Will this work for me?
Absolutely! You can bet that whatever is selling well on Amazon is an in demand item that will sell well on EBay as well!
Can I use this to find products for my Shopify store?
Yes! Many of our sellers sell on their own E-Commerce site/store like Shopify.
Can I use this software on multiple computers and will the product stay up to date?
Yes, you will be issued a single license which is tied to one person, not one computer. So you can use it on your desktop at home/office or your laptop when on the go. The licensing ties into your Facebook account to confirm you are the user of the product.
As for updates... YES! We are constantly updating ASINspector PRO and love to hear your feedback on what could make it better aswell!
Does this work on any Browser?
ASINspector PRO is a Chrome extension and will only work on the Google Chrome web browser.  If you do not have Google Chrome you can download it here. Works perfectly whether you have a Windows or Macintosh machine.
Google Chrome is a free web browser that can be run on any computer and the ASINspector PRO Chrome extension can be installed and used on any desktop or laptop computer you have that is running Google Chrome!
Can I export the data?
Yes, you can easily export the data you have chosen to either a CSV file or an EXCEL file. The ASINspector PRO will remember your last saved the options/data you have selected to research. These are the options that will instantly be downloadable in the format you choose!
Can I drill down and filter to obtain the search I'm looking for?
Yes, you can easily filter any category and or column and drill down to find exactly the parameters you are looking for. Save yourself hundreds of hours of time versus doing it manually.
How does the reverse search work?
This is very easy – you simply go to Walmart, eBay or any number of other sites and search for what you want and then click the ASINspector PRO tool icon in your browser and it will bring up all the results that you just searched on Walmart or eBay and break them down. This is a huge time saver.
Can I save my searches for easy reference later?
Yes with ASINspector PRO you are able to easily save and store your favorite searches so you can keep an eye on the competition.
How do I scan using my mobile device?
With our mobile scanner you can scan any UPC/Barcode and have it loaded up into your ASINspector PRO to see if there is potential for you to sell it online. Quickly find products while your out and about doing your normal everyday stuff.