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How do you contact a HUMAN in CORPORATE about ongoing issues

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with product description Seller Support? Using their tool to update the product, supplying ALL required images as well as proof with UPC, product number, etc. they still can not get it right. They cite wrong product ASIN's repeatedly, ask for info they already have, etc. The people who do this VERY important work do not understand ENGLISH or what they are doing. I think Amazon has a serious problem and someone high up the chain should CALL ME.

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Edited because of personal information including phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or physical addresses.

Sorry this happened to you. You're not alone. We all have to put up with it.

I recommend removing your phone number. THEY WILL NOT CALL YOU. But you will get all kinds of crank calls from other companies if you keep your phone number posted on a public forum.

We should not have to "put up with it". It takes hours of my time to make very few corrections. My number is already 'Public". Who else has this happen just about every time you try to correct an incorrect product listing? Try to change a picture of a blanket and they send info that they fixed and and now it is a tube of toothpaste? Come on! This time I am fixing just two listings. One has morphed to a drill and the other they want more info, even though they already have it all.

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Here's what you do to get past the bottomfeeders. Open the case to have the pic changed or whatever, with whatever documents you need. If they mess it up and you get the "I fixed it" email, do the survey at the bottom of the email. Leave all one stars and in comments put

That automatically reopens the case and kicks it up a notch. Usually that tech gets it right. If not, repeat Step 1.

I managed to get some serious issues kicked up to the right department that way.

And I don't make it a practice to give SS people a hard time. Most of the time, my issue gets fixed first time around, and I make it a point to leave them 5 star reviews.

But the clueless need the 1 star ratings. If they can't perform, they shouldn't be there, just like the rest of us. And sooner or later, a barrage of JUSTIFIED paperwork gets noticed.

I think Amazon should know the people they are paying to do this job make things take way too much time (padding hours?), waste seller's time when we could be listing more products instead of continually "fixing" things, and Amazon is definitely not getting their moneys worth out of the people doing this job. Not to mention, if a customer complains that the product did not match the description, who's problem/fault is that really? Not mine!

Blankets wrote:
We should not have to "put up with it". It takes hours of my time to make very few corrections.

Stylephyle, I went back to the first email reply asking for info that he (Amazon employee) already had. There is no link on the bottom of this to supply feedback at all. Then, after I replied to the case that he already has all of the necessary information, I got another email from a DIFFERENT person who actually fixed the listing. So I can rate the second guy as "5" but no way of rating the first guy. So the first guy will never have negative feedback.

Hey there Blankets,

I will pass your experience on. We are always looking to improve our Support Associates and feedback like yours can help us do that.

You can pass this on too. Was back at the "correcting" game. I just asked for one bullet point that conflicted with another bullet point be removed. One said "machine wash" the other said "dry clean". I submitted an image of the item showing UPC, product name and item # as well as the sewn-in cleaning instructions showing "dry clean". Again, they asked for supporting info that I had already sent (the image). So I sent it, again and got a reply that they had a technical issue and lost all of the information and to start again. Also, no way for me to give negative feedback because there was no link sent in the email.

So I made a new case and this is what I got
"Greetings from Amazon Seller Support,

I understand that you like to change the bullet points on the detail page on the Amazon.com. We appreciate your efforts to provide the best possible information about the products you offer on our website.

When a detail page for one of your products displays information you did not contribute, it is because another contributor has detail page control for that product. This contributor can be either Amazon.com or another seller.

As the Detail page control determines which title, description, image, and other product information is displayed. This allows Amazon to create a single detail page for a specific product, even when there are multiple sellers of the product. One page per product results in a better buying experience for the customer.

I've checked and see that you've asked us to update six bullet points, however, we've option to update only five bullet points.

Unfortunately, your contributions have got deleted due to technical error from our end. In this case, I kindly request you to contribute for bullet points for this ASIN #B0035UVLOQ.

I'm sorry for making you take an additional step regarding this issue.

For contributing, Please use the Edit Details option from your inventory to submit your requested changes. This enables the detail page control system to include your contributions when it determines detail page control.

We do not modify detail page control rankings manually. Our automated system regularly reviews and updates the rankings. Some factors that affect detail page control are a seller's sales volume, refund rate, buyer feedback, and A-to-z Guarantee claims.

If after 24 hours the new information does not appear, please contact us again, and ask us to investigate why the information is not updated."

I give up!


Know you have been here a long time...but "bottomfeeders"?

Those are the very people who help us every time we ask for help?

If I manage to make it to an upper management person, I have completely frustrated the person trying to help me and the upper management is the person who say's " This is the way it is, Deal with it?

I hate that anyone here uses that "phrase" and wonder why those "bottomfeeders" would want to help someone who feels that way about them.

Just sayin

There is a place you can request a phone call and the phone call comes very quickly:


Chose a Topic, for example Inventory:

I chose Feed or Upload Issues:

A dialog box comes up...fill it out and look down at the bottom of that screen and you will see this:

How do you want to talk to us?
Contact method: E-mail
E-mail address:

To ensure that you receive our messages, set any spam/e-mail filters to accept e-mails from Amazon.com.

CHOSE PHONE: Put our Number IN...and wait for the call. It takes under five minutes.

(Don't treat them like Bottomfeeders and they won't treat you that way. )

They WANT to help you.

I have to say that in the last couple of weeks I have received excellent service from the department that handles corrections to product pages! I like the new format for submitting the request AND the representatives have been very helpful and accurate. THANK YOU!