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My Product Listing says Currently Unavailable

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Hi there,

We are new to Amazon. We have uploaded our products (we use FBA), our products have arrived at Amazon, have been received and we have completed all information required however our products are still showing as "currently not available". Can anyone please advise what information we need to change to remove this message from our product listings...and have them finally available for purchase on Amazon?

An example of our ASIN is B00LTSUB16 and B00LTSU8G8

Thanks in advance for your help!!

Are you approved to sell in this area. If not then it will not show up.

It can take a while for Amazon to make your listing live. Wait a short while, giving Amazon a little more time. It will probably show up.

If after a few hours, then check with seller support.

Thanks.we have all the approvals for the category we are in and we also received a message saying our listings are active. They just show as currently unavailable

Being approved for a category doesn't guarantee you are approved for all the asins in the category.