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other seller changed listing, now negative feedback is rolling in....

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I sell on an active listing with another seller, who originally created the listing. He recently changed it to include a FREE PROMOTIONAL gift (one I don't have), which was definitely done in order to shake me off the listing.

I notified Amazon and they quickly removed the image advertising this free gift because it was a seller violation (in several different ways).

However, I failed to see that there was a bullet point on the listing that clearly states "FREE PROMOTIONAL GIFT INCLUDED" and it has taken Amazon (and they haven't removed it yet) 2 days to remove it from the listing (and I'm still waiting).

I've been actively selling (through FBA) on this listing for the past week because I didn't notice that bullet point. I've sold a lot of units in that time :(

Not surprisingly, the negative feedback is starting to roll in - everyone is upset that they didn't receive their free promotional gift.

I don't know what to do! I plan to call Amazon to open cases for each complaint/email, but I don't know what can be done. My feedback dropped from a 4.8 to a 4.6 and the last four feedbacks are 2's and 3's.
People are also messaging me asking where it is and when they'll receive it and I'm not sure what to do.
I want to make this right and it is my fault for not seeing that bullet point and addressing it quickly. I don't really know what can be done though....

Any advice anyone has would be much appreciated! thanks!

As soon as you noticed the error in the listing you should have zeroed out your inventory "with regards to the product" until amazon fix it .. Lessened learned!

Since you are using FBA there is a good chance that amazon will remove the feed backs

Request the FB removal and explain the situation and add the case number

You could also work with the customer and send them out free thing in order to appease them in the hopes they remove there feedbacks

Go back to seller support, and reopen the case. You need to have the bullet removed ASAP.

They should be able to do this quickly, since the other person is already in violation.
Mention the violation and the fact that part of it is already gone. BE nice, and say please.

I would be inactive until it was fixed.

Hi SMT, thanks for your help and advice! You're right - lesson definitely learned.

On what basis can I ask Amazon to remove the feedback? Can my argument be that the listing should never have been altered to include the free promotional item?

thanks for your insight!