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We currently sell products on amazon.ca and want to offer them for sale on amazon.com. As far as I understand, we will need to create a new listing and asin for the products on amazon.com. However, we've really good product and seller reviews on amazon.ca so I would like our profiles to be linked somehow.

I've seen other products on amazon.ca which have references to reviews on amazon.com so it must be feasible. I just cannot figure how to link the two profiles if I have to create new listings.

Anybody knows?

TIA :-)

There is no way to link the seller accounts. If the same product is entered on the second site with the same UPC the product reviews will be shared from US to CA but not the other direction. Check out:

US - doesn't show CA or UK reviews:

CA - shows US reviews:

UK - shows US reviews:

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Your best option is to find someone state side to do a test purchase, and create a review.

No phoney stuff, an honest review of your item.

Not sure if what I suggest is okay, if not someone will surely jump on me.

I would suggest someone, you do not know (maybe from these forums (no me). You could ask them to do a test buy for a review. Then you would refund the item before they leave a review,
with no strings attached. Honest opinion only.

It is the only thing that crossed my mind. Someone will say if legal or not.