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Trouble creating product page for a book

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I've already been in touch with seller support, but they offered an unworkable solution. I'm guessing that my problem is a common one, so I'm surprised that seller support couldn't resolve my issue on the first pass. I've re-submitted my question to them, but in the meantime, I'd like your input.

I have a book for which there are already two versions listed on Amazon. The version I have is materially different from the two already listed. Yet, the system pushes me to either one of the existing versions and I am unable to create a new page. I've tried adding every relevant detail to the listing in order to distinguish my book, but to no avail.

The book that I have is a 2008 first-edition art catalog. The two existing listings are:
1. the German version
2. a 2010 version with the same ISBN but different cover art.

Seller support suggested that I list against one of the existing pages, set the inventory to 0, and send them the ASIN. I cannot create a book listing with a zero inventory. I thought perhaps I might create the listing on an existing page and then close the listing. I would then have an ASIN that I could send to them as requested.

Thanks for your advice!

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You are supposed to list it by ISBN. Since your book has different cover art you should upload an image of your book in the Offer section so it will show up next to your comments.

German or other foreign books, usually (if printed in their country) have ISBNs different than USA or England. They start with a 5,3 or an 8.

Because your book has the same ISBN as the later one it is throwing you there. You cannot have 2 books with the same listing. That is your problem.

Go to the beginning and start again, Put in the title, and directly after the title do this (First Edition)

The reason your stuck is because Of the ISBN is already in use. It automatically kicks it over to the one listed.

So your going to type name (First Edition) and leave the ISBN blank.

It does not work all the time, but some will go thru. It is worth a try.

The way to follow Seller Supports suggestion is to list with a quantity of 1. The use manage inventory to change the quantity to 0.

When you send them the ASIN, they intend to cleve the listing into two listings.

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Thank you, all. What ended up happening was seller support created a new page for my edition, since I was unable to do so. I was then able to list my book on that page. It's an obscure art book and will probably take a year to sell -- but at least it's up!

Thank you again.

Don't be surprised if it is longer than a year.

And don't think being a first is going to help it sell.