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Using Active Listings report to fix Listing Quality Alert report

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I hope an Amazon Moderator, or someone here, can help. Here's where I'm having a problem. Any questions, I'll be glad to clarify.

So, I'm making corrections identified in my "Listing Quality Alert" report. My quality Alert Types identified are: Color, Department, Material, Design, Size, Image - Non-white background, Image-TooSmall, and UPC. There are approximately 1,400 items in the alert report.

I'll need to update my own inventory excel file spreadsheet, then upload only the 1400 records needing corrections from the Quality Alert report. (My spreadsheet has about 10,000 records).

I've followed the instructions in Seller Central - "Using Reports to Update Inventory" (found here: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/200388940). Under the section: "Modify the information in the report - If You Are Using The Active Listings Report":
1. delete the listing-id, open-date, and pending-quantity fields,
2. rename the column header seller-sku to sku
Done. The problem is in step 3.
3. "...See Inventory Loader Instructions for a list of REQUIRED and Optional COLUMNS."

I use Inventory Loader with the TemplateType=ClothingAccessories v1.4. The required columns are: "brand, department, item-type, bullet-point1, and product-description".

These required columns are NOT in the Active Listings Report.

Amazon's listings have the data needed in these fields. So, WHICH inventory report do I use to retrieve this data? As far as I can tell, it's not found in any of the Inventory Reports types available for download to ProMerchants. I know this info is hard/almost impossible to come by.

But, SOMEWHERE in these Forums, I read that sellers can make a one-time request for a download of their active/inactive listings from Amazon. Has anyone here done this? How do approach this request? Thanks!

Found it! Anyone have any experience getting this done? Suggestions? I guess I open a ticket with Seller Support.

*Posted on: 14 May, 2014 6:01 AM in response to: Sunnyside Deals in response to: Sunnyside Deals" *
Supposedly there's a Catalog Report that you can ask Seller Support to enable. Has to be separate report for each category you sell in but is more complete than the 4 fields we can get with the other reports."

I'm having an issue with Quality Alerts as well. Same thing, Color, Material, Size etc. I go in and fix them & the info is there, yet the Quality Alert stays & the area that I filled in is highlighted with the red box. :( I've deleted it, then filled it in again. It will go away, then reappear a few days later.
I opened a case & got a canned response about suppressed listings, but the listings I'm having issues with aren't suppressed. Going on 8 days & I'm still getting "Thank you for being patient blah blah blah." Frustrating!

There is NO COMPLETE INVENTORY report that is available from Amazon.

There are Category Reports that you may have to ask to have them turned on for you to use.

If you are savvy with your SKU's and can match up the products the Listing Inventory reports are helpful as well as the category reports. The frustration builds when you see that each report is missing something that you need for that file to be automatically usable. NONE of them have all of the identification fields:

Identification fields:

Recently I pestered Seller Support about this and they gave me everything but something that had ALL 4 of those fields with data or without data. The other fields would be easy to populate...but these are the MOST IMPORTANT.

      • As I understand it, the Category Reports are REVERSE FEEDS and you can correct the items right there and upload it when your done. ****

Looking forward to correcting much of my inventory when I am done trying to match everything.

If someone else reading this is thinking she's an idiot...you can get that right here...I'm fine with being an idiot - where can I get it?