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Bundling question

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I've read and reread Amazon's policy on bundling so I think this is allowed, but I'm not sure. Here is a link to what I've been reading:

I'm wondering if I can make a bundle of toys. For example, if I had a complete, matching set of all the toy cars from the movie Cars can I buy a UPC code and list it as a bundle? I'm just using the Cars set as an example as I did put together that set for my grandson way back when. It's the closest thing I can think of to what I want to do without disclosing the actual products (I have 2 ideas in mind). As far as I've been able to tell, the sets I'm thinking about putting together are not offered on Amazon.

Reading through the policy on bundling, it doesn't seem that Toys & Games is one of the categories that can't have bundles (like media). But they don't have anything as far as I can tell about bundling items that are all in the same category. For my ideas, all the items in the bundles would be toys. I'd just be bundling them to create a set.

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Hey there Rhothgar,

The only categories you cannot create bundles in are Books, Music, Video, or DVD. According to our help page Product Bundling Policy there is nothing in it about toys not being allowed to be bundled. You just need to be sure you follow all the guidelines.

If the toys are new or collectible you should be able to bundle them.
Anyone who can match the detail page, item for item, is welcome to piggyback on the detail page. It doesn't matter that you purchased the UPC code, the page is still open to all seller who can match the bundle, exactly.

The key is finding items that are compatible but harder to match. If you sell die-cast cars, and put together a bundle, it is likely your competitors who also sell die-cast cars can match the bundle and it becomes a race to the bottom. If you add something to the bundle that is outside their normal inventory, but within the rules, it is less likely you will have direct competition.

Thanks Vending and Nelson.

I've been considering what you said, VTP, about it becoming a race to the bottom and that is something I've worried about. But the set I'll probably do it with won't cost me too much (about $12) and I can always give it to our grandsons for a Christmas present if the price drops down too low. They're also items that I've only seen at one store, so I'm not sure if they're "exclusive" or what. There's nothing on the tags or box that would make one think they're hard to find. I can pick them up at the store for $1 each and they're selling individually on Amazon for around $3-4 each. Not enough to make it worthwhile selling them individually, so that's whey I stumbled upon the thought to buy all of the different characters and sell them together. The sales ranks of the individual ones indicates they do sell... Ranks of 5k to 20k in Toys & Games.

I'll have to keep in mind what you said about adding in something that is outside of their normal inventory. I'm not sure what else I can think of that would fit in with the bundle, but it gives me a good excuse to browse around the store for a bit. And who knows, maybe I'll stumble across something.

Thanks again,