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Reasons for HUGE Sales drop

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I'm still a little new to selling on Amazon, so I appreciate the patience and insights.

I sell kitchen supplies and equipment; My sales the past 4 months have been huge, and record breaking for my company. The past week sales seem to have dropped by almost 50% MTD, and cannot really figure out why on the surface.

On the surface, my number of sessions and page views have been trending about the same as the large sales volume months; however, AOV is down drastically. Obviously, conversions are much lower than the previous months.

I have a catalog of 6k SKUs, all maintained manually; so, if it really is a pricing issue, this can take me awhile. I've been spot checking my top sellers of the year, and still rank decently. Nothing too glaring here, yet.

This is baffling me on the surface, and just would like to dive in to some deep analysis, but do not want to chase the rabbit down a hole in a direction of analysis that may not be the solution, thus wasting time.

My question is: Has anyone experienced this before, and where did you start to isolate the issue?

I know this is a dynamic marketplace, and doing anything manual is archaic, thus pricing issues could cause this (as it takes about a month to circle back through 90% of my SKUs- and that's a full-time process).

I greatly appreciate any insight that helps expedite me in the right direction.

Thank you, and grateful;


You cannot worry about one week. When it's a 6 month trend you earned the right.

-Scott B.

Sales charts for any business is going to look like a roller coaster ride.

Your sales slump could also be that whoever wanted your stuff now has it.

When you came to Amazon did you bring the buyers with you or did you take from the sales there where already on the site? New seller are constantly coming to the site looking for a slice of the pie.

There are to many factors to know exactly what cause increase and decreases in sales. Maybe another comparable product on a different ASIN is doing well and Amazon is promoting their products over yours. Maybe your products are not being displayed as promptly and the bargain hunters are viewing the item but not making a purchase.
Maybe the time of the year. Since you never sold during the summer months, this might what is expected.
Possible you have lost the buyer box. There is always someone cheaper. New sellers come to the site thinking they have to be the cheapest. They don't do anything to help as they just drive down prices. Maybe some other sellers where not pleased to see a drop in sales when you arrived and made adjustments to their business model.

It will continue to get more and more difficult to sell here. The honeymoon is over.

Welcome to Amazon.