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How do I change the quantity of an item?

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I accidentally added a quantity of 10 items when it should've been 5 items and I can't figure out how to change from 10 to 5. It's not very intuitive.


Actually, it is quite intuitive. Go to Manage Orders. You can change the amount right next to the item, then hit save Or you can click the dropdwn box and choose Edit, go to Tab 2 and change it there.

I'm trying to change the quantity of an item in Inventory, not an order. I don't have any orders yet.

Go to your Manage Inventory Page

This will list all your active inventory. You will see a column labeled 'Available' you can change the quantity you have to sell in this box. You can update as many as you need to on the page and then click the 'Save' button at the top of the page.

Changes should be in effect within 5 - 10 minutes.

sorry...I meant inventory page

That's what I get for answering questions at midnight, MAV. I can't tell an order from a product!

I see what you're saying, but my inventory is inactive. I must've really screwed it up. Is there a way to make it active?

If it is sitting in your Inactive Inventory screen, click the box and choose Relist from the drop down box. You can change the quantity and Save. It may take some time to see your changes, so be patient.

Hey there LDDC Products,

To make an item active you will need to go to your Inventory tab then go to the item you want to make active. Go to where it says actions and click the arrow, then select relist. Once you select relist it will take you to a page that looks like the page when you added the product. From there you will want to add to your quantity. I would recommend that you first check to see if you have any Pending Orders for the item so that you don't over sell your item.