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Deleting an old ISBN/ASN # for a new product?

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Hello all!

I am trying to list a new product, but having a hard time. The same ISBN # has been used on another newspaper, but the original newspaper was never produced and therefore never sold through Amazon. Now I am trying to add a product that is actually in circulation using that same ISBN #, but it will not let me go forward without using/matching up to the old, never printed product.

It is the same ISBN and manufacturer #, but the product is completely different.

Is there any way I can work around this?

Thank you.

Hey there sportsnewspapers,

If the two items have the same ISBN then you will need to either get an ISBN exemption or purchase your own ISBNs.

Only one item can use an ISBN so because the other newspaper used the ISBN you will need a new one for your new item.

Sounds wrong.

Newspapers do not have ISBNs. They have ISSNs which apply to all editions and are not accepted for Amazon listings.

You need an ISBN exemption. You cannot buy an ISBN