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Newbie - need to upload parents and children but can't get it to work

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So I tried just one item in an upload - 1 parent and 5 children. I used the Check my File tool and that worked. But on the upload itself, only parent was uploaded. When I reviewed the parent item, it shows the variation (size) but none of the actual variations. (The status of the parent is Incomplete because it needs the variations.) I can't find an upload field on the line with the parent to list the sizes. I'm missing something - can anyone help? (I have about 100 parent items and their corresponding sizes so really want to be able to do this as an upload.) Thanks!

Each child variation must be treated as an "individual listing" which means you need to add the information including images to each child...if you left the child variations blank perhaps that's your issue. In your inventory go to the parent and click the + sign to see if any of them are recorded under there..from there you can edit these manually.

Thank you. No, I did create each of the child variations too, but those weren't uploaded. They show up in the 'Fix Failed Listings' area with a "Variation Child (Matching Errors)" problem. There's surely something I'm doing wrong in the upload but I can't find it in any of the download instructions or error messages I'm reading. I've read and changed and changed some more but it's not working. I followed the sample data but no joy.

My parent item didn't fail, but it does show that it's Incomplete. It doesn't show the variations.

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OK, does each of your variation have a distinct UPC. They each need (each child) a different UPC. This may be the problem you are having.

I suspect that's part of the problem. We just received an email regarding our Brand Registry. (approved now.) If I understand it correctly, I need to be sure to include a 'catalog number' (I think I can use the SKU again) for each item when I upload. And then it will generate a GCID which will be used instead of a UPC or EAN. Crossing my fingers and hoping this works.

If not, I'll just have to wait till Monday to talk to our contact there.

Thank you so much for your help!