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Number of late arriving orders doesn't match up with the report?

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According to my account health I've had 435 orders in the last 90 days with only 422 arriving on time for a score of 98.37%. When I downloaded the report, it only shows 8 packages as arriving late. That leaves 5 orders that didn't arrive on time but are not on the report? Am I doing something wrong? I'd really like to see those 5 orders. View the reply Zuggy selected as correct

The other orders haven't been verified as being delivered yet so they are not on time or late.

Previous poster is correct. Amazon does not default all your last 90 day packages as being delivered on time. As tracking data is available, those packages that have yet to be delivered stay in limbo until complete. Only then does that orders package count as on time or late.

You will always have a slight gap in the numbers.