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HELP Please . Amazon Page changes have screwed up my listing descriptions

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(Sorry for the second post .. newbie error failing to post earlier as a question)

We have over 3000 items listed over 4 years that use a simple black stars like this ★ in the description text box ... simple ASCII code that worked without problem until yesterday.

Now all our listings show the ASCII code @#9733 where the stars should be ...

After spending an hour on the phone with "Seller Help" talking to a polite but clueless Amazon rep in some other country .. all we got is an email response this morning saying "Amazon does not provide support for HTML code, you will need to hire your own IT person to resolve these issues"

Again CLUELESS ... it ain't HTML it's simple ASCII CODE that works here ★★★ (as I'm typing this) ... and always worked before in the listings page

Nobody at seller help seems even able to say if this issue is permanent or temporary ...

Changing 3000 listings one at a time on the website is not a viable option if this probem is permanent .. does anybody have advice as to whether it may be possible to download all listings into Excel to remove the ASCII symbols in bulk .. then upload the changes back into Amazon ???

Anybody else having these issues ???

Any help or advice would be much appreciated

Linda B. -

Can you provide an example of such a listing? You could just try copy and pasting the black stars you made here into where you want it. That is a little bit of a stretch but it might work.

Amazon doesn't want that in the listing and must have found a way to eliminate it. No more stars on Amazon. Ebay just instituted the same policy (I believe they are suppressing listing that have stars or other characters)

any ASCII code symbol or character that is "pasted" in as a symbol simply shows up as a question mark in the text ... that has always been the case and continues so ..

Seller help didn't say that which is no surprise as they don't seem able to even understand the issue .. but I'm wondering if your comment is based on experience or something Amazon has told you or posted .. or just a logical assumption ?

You were probably reported or some bot found it. Amazon doesn't want things in the listing that aren't helpful in describing the item. Some peoples stars still show up in search but don't when you click on the item. The stars are tacky in my opinion.

Search Amazon for
Phytoceramides (40mg)

NOT HELPFUL .. again, sounds like just your opion. I'm looking for facts not opinion humble or no-so.

Your reference to search Amazon for Phytoceramides (40mg) did not show any listing using ASCII stars etc ... so I have no idea what that was about.

OK I was trying to help. Asking for help and then attacking the person giving it to you is rude. Posting two identical threads is rude.

Here is the link to policy. I am quoting the line that pertains to your problem.


"Using bad data (HTML, special characters */? etc.) in titles, descriptions, bullets and for any other attribute is prohibited"

Edited by: Crackhead on May 30, 2014 9:56 AM

I appreciate your input and was not "attacking" you (no more than your comments calling my use of symbols tacky or my second post (which I apologized for up-front) as being rude ... I just requested a bit of clarification as to the source of your statements.

thanks for clarrifying


It may have worked but it wasn't allowed. Amazon has only ever allowed Alpha Numeric in Condition notes.

And this part of your condition notes:

"To see & search all our books & music view our Amazon storefront by clicking on our name above. SHOP SMART ... We GUARANTEE A FULL REFUND if you're not fully satisfied and provide FREE TRACKING with every order. COMPARE OUR FEEDBACK WITH ANY OTHER SELLER _____ BK 140529 AF pbm.b.w"

is a complete violation as well. Condition notes are to be CONDITION NOTES, period. Not marketing blurbs. And Amazon is cracking down on sellers who violate the condition notes policy.