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How to edit the shipping cost?

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Directly I am coming to you with the point ---- I uploaded lots of products but there I have no control to edit the shipping cost (which is showing fixed). Here I need to do it to offer the buyers the lowest cost of the product.

But due to having the fixed cost of shipping, sometimes I can not beat the lowest price where my product seeling offer price is low than any others.

So, I do hereby looking for your immidiate cooperation to fix the fact in line.

Best Personal Regards
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We are not Amazon, just sellers trying to help.

Being the cheapest is no guarantee of a sale.

As sellers we have very little if any ability to make Amazon change their policy.

Pro merchants have more options than individuals, so which are you?

Edited by: storybooks on Jun 3, 2014 10:27 AM

If you're a Pro seller, you can set your own shipping charges for non-media items.


If you are a professional seller you can change your shipping prices by going to your Current Shipping Rates and Settings.

If you are looking to just change individual products shipping charges you will need to use a feed. You can download the Shipping Override file here.