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Discrepancy in product sales numbers?

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There's probably a simple explanation to this, but I see different numbers on my account when I look at these two areas:

Reports > Business Reports > Sales Dashboard (change dates to show year-to-date sales)

Performance > A-to-Z Guarantee Claims > (Click Summary in the header, sum the totals in ordered)

The first shows me a number that is ~9% lower than the second. I have had 2 returns, but they were on low-priced items and only account for a small percentage of the difference.

Any thoughts?

Edited by: RI Books & Toys on Jun 1, 2014 2:00 PM

Hello RI Books & Toys,

Thank you for posting to the seller forums.

I've reviewed your post. I'm opening a case for you so I may research this discrepancy between the two report views. My next correspondence to you will be from that case.


Thanks Susan!