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new FBA workflow doesn't allow conversion to amazon fulfilled listings

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I noticed that now you can no longer convert listings from merchant to amazon fulfilled listings in the inventory amazon fulfills view. This is a real hassle if you have shipments with a large number of SKUs.
The response from SS was to go to the All Inventory view and search for each SKU and convert it.
initially I thought the stranded inventory report would do the job but it doesn't. shipments have been received and they are not showing in that report.
anyone notice this issue?

I am having various issues with the workflow myself and I am not exactly new to shipment creation.

Last time I had to do 9 SKUs one by one -

to add Insult to Injury, after the box arrived and all nine different items were found and got scanned in,
one SKU reverted to Active Merchant and another item with a different SKU simply disappeared without a trace and the Amazon SKU became Inactive. They will soon be looking for that one if it does not show up soon due to transfer between warehouses. I am the only one with a single listing on that SKU so I do not see the need to keep shuffling that item back and forth from East to West.
It is not Pending, did not close, did not become suppressed or blocked.
Just evaporated.