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We upload product to Amazon, but no any link for " Buy now ". Why ?

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We upload product to Amazon, but no any link for " Buy now ". Why ? View the reply Eachbeauty selected as correct

buy now or add to cart is what amazon calls the buy box..new sellers are not likely to get the buy box for quite some time depending on what you are selling...the formula for getting the buy box is not known except to keep your prices competitive and keep your seller metrics in good standings

Sounds like there is no Buy Box for this catalog page. At least 1 seller on the catalog page must qualify for the Buy Box for it to appear.

In order to win the Buy Box, you must be a professional seller and have met performance-based requirements which vary by category.

You can read more here:


You will NEVER get the buy box.
You will get suspended instead.

You are listing beauty products under Appliances instead of getting approved for beauty.

That is a sneaky, shifty thing to do and does nothing but mess up the categories. Do you think it's fun for people who are looking for appliances to have to trip over all those beauty products? The other sellers in that category will report you, plus now you've posted what you've done on a public forum, so Amazon knows about it.

Did you read anything in Help filesa about the policies you agreed to follow when you signed up? Do you know that beauty requires approval and you just don't throw stuff wherever you feel like it?

Take your stuff down and don't list againg until you have applied to and been approved in the beauty category.