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Can you mark shipped without a Tracking Number?

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Can you mark something shipped without uploading a tracking number? I thought you couldn't but I bought something the other day and the seller marked this in the tracking field " Carrier: USPS, Tracking #: Tracking-Updated-Later0810001" and didn't give me the tracking number for days after he marked it shipped.

Yes you can. Tracking isn't really mandatory* (except for the reasonably new requirements set up for shoes and office supplies).

Check the tracking -- when was it shipped?

Could be the seller just didn't bother to enter the tracking, or they just didn't bother to ship when they said they did.

* Which does not mean I consider tracking to be unnecessary.

Yes you can. However, most buyers expect a tracking number. You will head off many "where's my stuff?" emails if you include one. Even Media Mail now offers free tracking.

Could be seller had to drop ship and he hadn't gotten the tracking number yet himself.

Yes you can but no good will come of it.

If you omit tracking when you confirm, and come back the next day to update the tracking info, amazon will use that date as your ship date. Probably making it a late shipment.

Very little reason to not give a tracking number when you confirm shipping. Assuming of course that you will have a tracking number. USPS Firstclass letter or most freight carriers don't have tracking numbers. Pretty much everything else does.