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Urgent I cannot see my items listed after adding the items in my inventory.

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I listed 2 products in my inventory and it did listed successfully. The items showing in active status but when I tried to search for my listing, the two items not showing up. I ran the report to see if I have any items being suppressed but the report did not showing any suppressed items. Please help. Thank you very much.

It can take some time for the listing propogate through all the systems. Amazon says up to 15 minutes, but I have found it sometimes takes as long as 30 minutes.

So wait about 20-30 minutes. If it hasn't shown up in that time, contact customer service. Rarely, there are technical glitches that they have to get technical support involved. This doesn't happen often. I have over 2000 SKUs and this has only happened twice.

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The search can take substantially longer to update than 30 minutes, It can be days.

How you search also governs your results.

The Amazon search is not a search but a marketing tool and priority is given to products with a superior sales history and chance of a happy buyer.

Your product might not appear in an all departments search for months, because not all results are shown in that type of search.

I added two products just to test how it's showing up when someone searching for it. I added them since yesterday but today still nothing showing up. I'm on Professional selling plan and I can understand the priority Amazon given to specific product based on its performance. However, I'm a new seller and paid $40 montly fee and I'm expecting to see my listing showing up under the search result eventhough it may be the bottom of the list but it did not show up at all. Did I do anything wrong or missing something here? Please advice.

Thank you

Greetings cutiegifts,

Welcome to the Amazon Seller Discussion Forums. Thanks for your post!

In reviewing your listings, they are active and available for purchase.

However, when you add an item to the catalog, it can take up to four days before your title and search terms are indexed.

Once the indexing is complete, the item becomes searchable on Amazon.com.

I hope this information is helpful. Feel free to post back if you have any additional questions.


Hi Lauren,

Thank you for your clarification on listing and search result. If that is the case then I will start listing more items to avoid time being delay waiting to see products listed in search results as long as it doesn't take months to show up in search results.
Thank you so much.

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