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I have submitted my request for selling in clothes and accessory category in last thursday,but till now i have not received any response,where i can get assistance? its very urgent,for me just wait .wait.wait......When i will get the approval and begin my business?

Patience Grasshopper.

I dont sell in Clothing, but from what I've seen here, it takes time to get approved and is not automatic.

It takes weeks to months. You won't get done in hours. It is also a multi step process where each step will take weeks.

There's no instant gratification on Amazon.

Amazon is very particular who they allow into that category. They are very busy and get back with you when they get back with you. Then they will give you instructions for the next step.

Take the waiting time to read all of Seller Help and work on your photos to make sure they meet Amazon standards. Apparel is the pickiest department of all on pictures.

Not sure if this is still the case, but it took a week for me to get an email back once I sent in the initial application.

The clothing team probably does not work on weekends. If you sent your application on Thurs, it's only been 1 business day.

Will you be selling clothing to U.S. customers from overseas? If so, you need to be familiar with the U.S. clothing laws. There are many specific rules on what kind of material can be used on each type of clothing, specific requirements for disclosures on the inside tag, etc.

Now would also be a good time to download the entire Clothing Style Guide and read over it. It will tell you how to create clothing listings. There is a specific title format, requirements on what info needs to be included in the description, etc.

Good luck.