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Customer Feedback, how can I get it higher?

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Iam new at this and can someone please tell me how many ways i can get my feedback back to 5 stars?
Does it have to be from the customer that bought the product or can anyone on amazon leave a review ?
i had i bad review and got it fixed and have had a few possitive ones but its still not back up to 5 stars.

Thanks so much!!

As long as your ODR is good, your good.

There is a difference between a review and feedback.
Feedback is for sellers, Reviews are for products.

If a buyer left you a "1" or "2" it will have a negative effect on your metrics. A "3" or above has no effect on your metrics. If you have avoided negative feedback, be grateful and focus on your next sale.

Thank you

So can anyone give me a positive rating so i can get my stars back to 5?

Only somebody who purchased an item from you can leave feedback. It's associated with an order, not just left in general.

LOL....you won't last long on Amazon....

why do you say i wont last long on amazon?

You're already asking for something dishonest - a fake review.

This isn't eBay.

You will need to earn a positive fb, they are given to those sellers who truly deserve them.