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Amazon Warehouse Reselling My Private Label Item

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Unbelievable. I create and own the exclusive rights to this product, ASIN B0109238XO. This morning, I noticed that Amazon Warehouse is reselling one of my items in "Used - Like New" condition. Currently checking my transaction reports to make sure I've been compensated for the item, but this is SUCH POOR FORM on Amazon's part.

Rube Goldberg would Love This...!

While you might have some control over who can sell your items as new, you cannot dictate who can sell it used.

Just checked my transaction reports. They have not compensated me for this item. So this is actual theft.

Regardless of the legality, this is absolutely not the service I would expect from a third-party provider. Taking an item from my inventory and reselling it? Even if they had compensated me first, it's just incredibly inappropriate.

How long has the item been listed in warehouse deals?

Not sure. I've been on vacation and have minimal inventory in stock, so have been checking in about once a day, more or less just scanning for anything that needs a response, not closely monitoring anything. Probably not longer than a week or two.

I've opened a case with Seller Support, asking them to remove and return the item. It would probably be faster to just purchase it myself...and if the packaging is damaged (or if the item has other issues), I don't want them putting it back in my inventory only to generate a "used item sold as new" complaint.

Issues you would never anticipate when signing up for FBA. Glad I'm already in progress opening up other sales channels.

Greetings HookedOnDeals,

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According to the FBA service terms, if inventory that we hold on your behalf becomes lost or damaged through fault of Amazon, we pay you the replacement value of the products.

These products become the property of Amazon, and we may dispose of it in the manner we prefer, which includes the option of selling the products through Warehouse Deals.

You can click the link posted above to read the Fulfillment by Amazon Service Terms.


Amazon has NOT compensated me, nor, to my knowledge, marked this item as "unfulfillable" to give me the chance to remove it.


I see this thread has been removed (or at least I no longer see it except under "My Stuff.") Incredibly shady, Amazon. Incredibly shady.

HookedOnDeals wrote:
I see this thread has been removed (or at least I no longer see it except under "My Stuff.") Incredibly shady, Amazon. Incredibly shady.

Hi HookedOnDeals,

The thread has not been removed; try clearing your cache & cookies if you cannot see the thread.

If you believe you have not been credited for this unit, you can contact Seller Support to request an investigation.

Your case will be forwarded to our FBA team for research and response.


It is possible that Amazon refunded a buyer for the item and they damaged it after it came back to the warehouse? Amazon does not always reimburse the seller right away. It could take a number of days before you see it in your balance.

I hear that when Amazon says they dispose of property they reimburses sellers for, the merchandise sometimes goes to auction instead of Warehouse Deals

If they've found time to list the item for sale, but not to reimburse me for it, that's an embarrassing internal issue for them.

You'd think they'd also want to give sellers the right to recall all returned and/or damaged merchandise, rather than simply removing and reselling it. (I don't want secondhand/damaged stuff floating around out there that could damage my brand.)

Again, they're within their legal rights, but that doesn't make this good behavior from a service provider.

I have seen some our new private label products (soft-side bags that cannot be damaged easily) show up being sold by Blinq on Amazon for a discount (not FBA). That really bugs me, since we have no dealers! I ordered two of them and they appear to be brand new with our usual packaging. But yes, over the past year or so, they have reimbursed us for either "lost or damaged" products. I wonder if they deliberated "lose" some so as to sell them to this volume buyer.