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Fashion Jewelry Question

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I was recently approved to sell in the Fashion Jewelry category. I understand that I cannot sell precious metals (i.e. 18k gold, sterling silver, platinum, etc) and precious gemstones. But am I able to sell jewelry that's a base metal plated with 18k or Sterling Silver? According to the policies, it appears that I can but I want to be certain because I know how strict things are and I don't want to violate any rules.

According to the policy for Fashion, 2.0 states: Fashion jewelry is not made of precious metals (except precious metal plating over base metal). 2.1 states: Fashion jewelry metals include base metals...also includes jewelry made with an underlying base metal...and plated with a precious metal.

Welcome to Fashion Jewelry!

Yes, you can sell gold or silver plated base metal and any stones on the non fine list.

Here is a document that will spell things out for you a bit more clearly and help you avoid suspensions. Amazon is extremely strict with jewelry - more so fine than fashion, but if they catch you in a mistake, no matter how innocent, it can result in suspension.

Several of us collaborated to come up with this tip thread. I think it'll set your mind at ease as to what you can and cannot sell .
Biggest thing, if you sell anything with an identifed stone - i.e. turquoise, you have to disclose any treatments that stone had. This doc spells some of those out for you.


Good luck! You'll want to hang around the forums - there are several jewelry sellers that are active posters, and we all try to give each other a heads up on info like this.


Thank you so very much, Style. I truly appreciate the support and your response. Very helpful!!!