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I would like to Amazon policy with Return Cassettes or CDS. Because I have a customer bought a cassette and want to return because it have explicit lyrics. This was a new and sealed cassette NEVER OPENED and he wants to return . I agreed , but I really don't feel it's fair because this cassette has got to be 10 years old and he had to know what he was ordering, it also have warning of explicit lyrics on the cover.My problem is the cassettes was new and sealed , once he opened and played it, it's now used so when i go to resell the valuable has dropped. View the reply mobestbuys selected as correct

You should understand return policies before you sell, but good that you came here before its too late.
You are required to accept the return, for any reason, within 30 days. If the item is not as it was shipped (sealed) you can take up to 50% restocking fee and also require the customer to return the product at their expense.

You should send this info to the customer in a >>> very friendly tone <<<< and think carefully about the percentage restocking fee you want to take. $5 are often not worth the trouble, but if the loss is great, it's worth to go for it

Greetings mobestbuys,

Thanks for your question on return policies!

As a seller on Amazon, you must accept returns as a normal part of doing business. Generally, you must accept return and refund requests within 30 days of the buyer's receipt of shipment: Manage Returns

You are allowed to charge buyers a reasonable restocking fee in certain situations. For example:
  • Buyer states the item is no longer wanted/needed/accidental order.
  • Item returned is materially different from the item that was sent.
You can review our Restocking Fees help pages for more information.

If you decide to charge the buyer a restocking fee, we ask that you contact them to explain why they will be receiving a partial refund.

We hope you and the buyer are able to work out a mutually agreeable solution!


Charge a 50% restock fee since it is not being returned in the same condition it was sent.

About the most you can do besides move on to your next sale.

Hi, I am facing my first return request, and am a small volume seller at this point. Do I have to pay for their postage for shipping the item back to me, even though the return is just because of "Don't need any more, changed my mind" ? This item requires special packaging to protect it from damage due to bending, which costs way more than the shipping credit Amazon offers for any item in this product category.
Also, the seller remarks field included: "Wrong size, will not fit my monitor." referring to a flexible privacy screen she purchased from me. My item is correctly listed, and correctly states what size monitor the item fits.
Do I wait until the item is returned and check its condition before I issue a refund? These privacy screens include little adhesive mounting tabs for attachment to the monitor. Once used, they are no longer in unused condition, and therefore the entire item is un-sellable to anyone else as new. Would this qualify as a justifiable reason for a partial refund? The buyer is from a regional public library, and one would think they are savvy about taking care in ordering something that is so specific in its applicability.
Am I allowed to place limitations on an item's returnability, due to the probability of it being un-sellable to someone else, if they tear open inner packaging bags, take peel-off strips off back of mounting tabs, etc? I.e., say it only returnable due to a product defect or an error I might make in listing the product?