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Fees ???

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Hey i sell cellphones and i have a question on the fees that amazon takes is 8% for example if i put up an item for 250$ with shipping amazon is suppost to take only 20$ and +1$, but amazon takes an extra like 5-15$ per phone i sell as it shows on the fees preview? Why do they take more money then they say

The 8% is just the referral fee. There's also the variable closing fee, and a per item fee if you're an individual seller. If you're selling through FBA, there are additional fees.

You can post the fee break down you're seeing, if you'd like someone to look at it.

I put a iphone for 330 + 5$ shipping and the preview shows near 35$ thats 10% not 8% as amazon stated

As I posted, the 8% variable fee is not the only Amazon fee.