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Book with broken spine, can it be listed?

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I have this set of 5 books ASIN B00461F6JY and my problem is that Vol 1 has a broken spine between pages 82 & 83. The rest of the book is very good, and the other volumes are very good. Can I list this with explanation as Acceptable?

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I believe so .... some sellers here would list them Good or even Very Good. I wouldn't because the lowest grade of the worst book should be the mark.

In the Condition Guidelines section for Books the first reference is in Like New : Spine has no signs of creasing.

In VG : The spine is undamaged.
In Good : Spine may show signs of wear.
In Unacceptable there's no mention of a broken spine ...

SO I would also say the Acceptable would be correct here, which has no mention of the spine, and allowed.


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Thank you. That was my interruption, but I needed verification. Being new, I don't need to mess up.

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You can list it, but it does carry a bit of risk. The buyer can claim item not as described, broken item, etc. I buy books sometimes and would never buy a book with a broken spine. Would you?
If you want to list it, go ahead. EBay would be a good place to sell the 5 books.

I have decided to purchase another good condition one to keep the set together and discard the broken one. Thank you for your input. Jerry Mc

I'm in agreement with Oneida here, with a few caveats:

(1) What do you mean by "broken"? If you mean cracked (http://www.mywingsbooks.com/coll-terms/spn_.shtml), list as Acceptable. If the halves of the book are no longer attached to each other, it's Unacceptable. And, by the way, "cracked spine" is a better term to use; not only is it proper terminology, but "broken" is a bad word on Amazon.

(2) Was this actually issued as a set by the publisher? If not, this page is in violation of the rules; you can't bundle separate media items and sell them as a group, even if they are related. IOW, there's a difference between a series and a set.

(I see pages for 3-volume, 5-volume, 6-volume, 7-volume, and 8-volume "sets" on Amazon. I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt that all of them were publisher-issued.)

(3) This page has no sales rank. That (usually) means that no one has ever purchased this ASIN on Amazon.com. There are various possible reasons for that (including that it's a shoddy seller-created page in general), but I'd still give it some thought before investing more money in a set that may never sell.

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jerrymc wrote:
I have decided to purchase another good condition one to keep the set together ...

Thank You. Jerry Mc