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I Use Amazon to sell toys - How can I get More Business for Holidays? SEO?

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I'm looking to explode my Holiday business this year. What is everyone doing to promote their items over the huge selection on Amazon? I sell on Amazon, but don't use advertising, I don't have my own website. I just price it as best I can to get to the top spot and keep my fingers crossed. How do I get the buy box? I want to do more ...please educate me..

Are you merchant-fulfilled or do you use FBA?

Have you studied the guidelines and made plans on how to meet the requirements?


to get the buy box you need to start selling and estabish some rep. upload tracking, price fairly on the 1st page, keep you order defect rate as low as possible. once you establish rep, you will be added to the buy box with eligable listings

I merchant fulfill my orders. I am a professional seller, but I cannot figure out how to make FBA profitable for me.

I have been selling on Amazon for 3 years. My seller rating is 100%. All of my listings say yes for buy box eligible, I am lowest price on most of my listings, but I still don't have the buy box.

I have studied the guidelines, and currently meet all of the requirements.

Sell the brands and products buyers want at the right price.