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Where do I pay the $500 app fee for fine jewelry?

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I keep reading that I need to pay $500 for an application fee in order to sell fine jewelry? When does it request me to pay this fee? Is it refundable if I do not get approved? View the reply 26 Jewels selected as correct

You find it in Seller Help under categories requiring approval.

If you haven'lt found it, then you haven't read Seller Help. You need to know precisely what you're doing before you apply or you will be out $500 pretty fast. That is the first thing you need to do regardless of what you're selling here. It is a very complicated venue with strict guidelines on what you can sell and how to list it.

No, fee is not refundable.

You need to read the ENTIRE section on selling jewelry, including Federal jewelry guidelines, and fill out the application. Someplace in there they will deduct the money from your account, or request it - not sure how or when.

You will have to send 10 items for testing. If you don't get the descriptions right, treatments are missing, weight is wrong, metal content is short, any number of things, on even one item, you are denied.

After you have read all of Seller Help, read this:

Greetings 26 Jewels,

Welcome to the Seller Discussion Forums. I see you've already been provided with some helpful advice!

If you are interested in listing fine jewelry: We will collect a $500 non-refundable fee by any means permitted by your seller agreement, such as debiting your seller account balance, or charging the credit card you provided in Seller Central.

Along with the information already provided, I strongly recommend reviewing the following help content:
  • Categories and Products Requiring Approval: Jewelry
  • Jewelry Quality Assurance Standards
  • Fine Jewelry Terms and Conditions
  • Category Management: News & Best Practices: Jewelry
I hope this information has been helpful!