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Moving from FBA to Merchant Fulfilled

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I have roughly 200 orders a day and I had been doing FBA for the past few months but due to recent issues with FBA where my inventory has been "lost" for days, I am leaning towards going back to merchant fulfilled. I am thinking of spending 3 hours everyday at 9pm to pack and ship.

I was using Stamps.com in the past but its really messy to do a large number of orders. I need to figure out a clean and easy way to print the packing slips and the postage.

I am thinking of buying a Dymo XL to print the postage... and using padded/bubble poly mailers. At the end of the day I will probably save $3000 a month after taking into account all the costs.

What do you guys suggest for the mailing aspect? Where is the best place to buy the mailers? What is the best printer? cheapest labels? View the reply Katx selected as correct

I highly recommend not buying a Dymo! From my experience Dymo printers are only good for about 5k labels if you lucky. You might consider a Zebra printer (I own three). For printing 4x6 labels the ZP 450 is a nice choice. I bought a refurbished ZP 450 from Okidatapros (no affiliation) and was very satisfied with them. I buy all my labels from Uline. I have tried other companies for labels but they have been poor quality.

Shipstation and a zebra printer.

stamps.com by itself is not a software I would depend my business on. That thing might be ok for a few orders, but any kind of volume and that thing is worth what you pay for, nothing.

Thank you..

Yes I learnt the hard way when I tried to package 100 orders one night and realized how messy it was.

From a hardware perspective, it really sounds like Buddy's got the right idea.

What software are you using to manage all that shipping alongside your inventory?

Good point.. still trying to figure that out.

Packing is easy but batch packing 200-300 orders a day isn't a simple task.

SSC wrote:
Shipstation and a zebra printer.

Oof. Yeah, you might want a few extra sets of hands for all that packing!

Katx wrote:
Packing is easy but batch packing 200-300 orders a day isn't a simple task.

Thank you!!!!!

Your solution is awesome... using shipstation and the zebra printer can save hours of clicking and buying postage and then scrambling to match packing slips with the orders... now one click and it all prints as many orders as needed to process..

Zebra printers are the way to go. I am still using the first one I purchased. Practically zero problems (the only problems have been the driver with Win 7) - I've probably printed like a million dollars of postage on this thing.

Teapplix.com is another good choice. It integrates with Stamps.com as well as Endicia, providing more choices for postage and discounted rate.
Also it has greate accounting and inventory management tools. I guess giving your volume, tracking your sales data and inventory quantities would be equally important.

Don't leave FBA, you are going to regret it.

i agree with advocare, we have done both, stick with fba.making a big mistake trying to do it yourself

I agree...I did try self fulfilled and its not worth the hassle or headaches...

Appreciate the support and guidance!